8 Things Hindering Your Creative Thinking and How To Get Past Them

Each of us has the ability to be creative. It’s part of being human. The problem is too often, we hinder our natural creativity and so make mistakes in thinking which causes more problems than we should.

Here are 7 tips to help release your inner creativity and keep the creativity coming.

1.) Don’t Assume.
As they say, when you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. Assumptions demonstrate mental laziness. Often times we jump to conclusions instead of getting all the info to make the right decisions. I once heard the story of the wife that got upset with her husband to the point that couple ended in divorce because her husband was coming late every evening. She had mistakenly thought another woman was involved, but during the divorce, she learned that what he was really doing was working late. He was working late because he needed the money to make ends meet and save enough money for the two to go on a nice vacation together.
Tip: Instead of jumping to conclusions, wait until you have all the facts first.

2.) Put yourself in the other person’s shoes
There’s always two sides of a story, and a person who is reasonable and open minded will consider that the other person’s perspective. Their view might be more reasonable and valid than yours. Famous painter Picasso was traveling on train when he met a wealthy businessman who had a dim view of modern art. To help prove his point, he showed Picasso a picture of his wife and told him that is how his wife really looks, not like a stupid art piece. Picasso replied that she looked really small.
Tip: Don’t dig your heals in too deeply with your believes. You’d be surprised to learn that believes may be wrong so you must consider the other person’s perspective and believes.

3.) Stay Away From Black or White Thinking
What I meant by “black or white” thinking is that you must not be one of these people that only see or thinks in one extreme or another. Don’t be one of these people who looks at things either negative or positive from one minute to the next and only see the obvious and not be able to read between the lines. You must learn to keep your perspective balanced and neutral at all times. Don’t let your emotions control you.
Tip: Keep in mind the things are hardly every given to one extreme or another. You must see things clearly.

4.) Avoid Mental Laziness
Your daily routines and habits can make you mentally weak. Learn a challenging new skill, drive or walk a new route to work or school without using GPS, memorize at least a few phone numbers in you address book, etc. Most people won’t do this because they don’t want to think too much and have become creatures of habit.
Tip: Do not reply upon your mental crutches so frequently and learn to use brain more to make you mentally stronger.

5.) Rediscover Your Childlike Brain
A child has more synapses in their brain that most adults according to studies. It is no wonder children tend to imagine limitless possibilities that adults just can’t picture. We must learn to embrace our inner child and see the world without limits, without judgment and think out of the box. Do so may slow or stop the brain ageing process.
Tip: Just because you are now an adult, does not mean you can’t imagine and think out of the box like a child.

6.) See The Small and The Whole Picture
Many things in life are made up of many small details that are equally important as seeing whole picture. A clock is made up of many small parts working together for a task and the same is true of a car. No single part can really do much on its own but together they do something important. Learn to see the small parts and whole picture.
Tip: The devil is in the details so learn to see them while not losing sight of the whole picture.

7.) Be An Independent Thinker
People who think for themselves can be dangerous to the status quo and many sectors of society want you to shut up, follow instructions and don’t ask too many questions. As a result of this, these organizations tend to kill creative thinking in the people are part of them. Don’t ignore the obvious, don’t buy into authority figures are telling you as gospel and think for yourself. If you don’t do this your creativity may be forever crushed and you may be lead astray.
Tip: Be an independent thinker even when everyone else is not. You might hurt feelings and lose friends, but you might gain some new ones.

8.) Become A Student of Life
The human brain is a wonderful engine of creativity but that engine needs fuel, and that fuel is knowledge. Take time to read, take courses, attend seminars, talk to people, and observe life wherever and whenever you can. Knowledge is out there to be gained.
Tip: Be a sponge for information. Lack of knowledge will limit your possibilities for new thinking, keeping inside the box.

Utilize these 8 techniques and incorporate them into your life. You will be surprised to see your creativity springing forth like a flower. You quickly find yourself overcoming some of life’s most challenging problems.

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