10 Ways To Avoid “Loser Think” and Start Being Successful

Success starts in your mind. If you change your mentality, how you look at things and focus on your goals then success often follows. Great achievement and success is part hard work and mostly your success driven mentality. Below are 10 “Loser Think” type mindsets that will hold you back if you don’t get past them.

1.) I’ll start it later

No, you should start TODAY! Most of the time, I’ll do it later, turns into never! Procrastination is your enemy and you must always strive against it. Also remember, even if you really do start it later like you said, it may be too late. So, get off you butt and DO IT NOW!

2.) It’s not my fault

To grow as a human being and enter the realm of the uber successful people such as many millionaires and billionaires, you have to take an honest look at yourself, own up to what’s truly your fault and shortcomings and take steps to move forward to never do them again. Take your mistakes as a learning opportunity. When you make excuses for your mistakes you are putting on blinders that are keeping you from seeing where and how you can improve.

3.) I can’t do it

If you really, really want to do it bad enough, you will find a way that you can make it happen. If you need certain knowledge and skill-sets to start a business, a personal project or whatever, there is a wealth of material out there on in libraries, bookstores and online (both written and videos). There are also other resources you can tape into and people to talk with that will get you the help you need. The vast majority of “can’t” can be a can if there is a will.

4.) Life is not fair / It’s not fair

News flash, life is not fair! Whoever told you life is fair is lying to you so get over it. The mentality of thinking everything has to be fair will only hold you back and also give you stress and anxiety if you dwell on it too much. Many a successful people still achieved their goals and dreams despite things being “not fair” – people who are now very wealth and famous.

5.) I don’t have time

Think about it this way, if you carve out the time to dedicate to your dreams, especially that if dream is to start a business, to better youself or whatever, you’ll have more time later. If you talk to many rich and successful people, they will often tell you how hard it was at first and how little time they had. If you look at them now they have plenty of time to relax on their private yacht or jet. Let this be you one day.

6.) That offends me

Put on your big boy or girl pants, shut up and get over it! The road to success is often have you endure some slings and arrows. If you want to be successful you have to develop a thick skin. Being offended by everything and little things will distract you from focusing on your goals and will hold you back.

7.) You suck

In a course I took years ago the professor told the class that when you call the person you are arguing with a name, you have run out of ideas and basically lost the argument. Losers call people names because they are out of ideas, have no goals and won’t be amounting to much in life. Instead of focusing on what name to call a person or group, focus on what you can do to better yourself and your situation.

8.) They got lucky

Success is mostly hard work and never giving up. Never giving up! Talent and luck have little to do with it. When you look at a successful person who is seemly lucky, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. You are not seeing all the times they failed, the 12 – 16 hour days, lack of sleep and frustration before that little bit of luck kicked in.

9.) I’m too tired

Many people are tired. You are not the only one. You must learn delayed gratification and sacrifice now and then you can rest on your laurels later. You can get plenty of sleep on your private jet when you reach financial success.

10.) That’s easy for you to say

Saying it’s “easy for you to say” is making excuses for yourself and you are likely dismissing the other person’s sacrifices and hard work. As I talked about in #2 above, you got to stop making excuses because you’re blinding yourself from the truth of your own failings and how you can learn from them, move on and grow. Despite what you might think, when you look at some else’s achievements and overall success, it’s never as easy as it seems.

Any other Loser Think beliefs you’d add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

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