6 Ways to be Thankful this Thanksgiving & Holiday season

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Thanksgiving is a longtime tradition here in the United States dating back to before America even became a country. Today it is generally regarded by many as a day off from work during which they spend time with family, eat Turkey, watch football and then go black Friday shopping the next day. But Thanksgiving, at its roots is about giving Thanks. This blog post is about what and how to be thankful for during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, in case you’ve forgotten.

1.) Tell those you love and care about that you are thankful for them and why

Thanksgiving scene with pumkin and vegatables

In an earlier blog post, 22 New Year’s Resolution Ideas and My Thoughts, I spoke about the importance of telling someone you love that you love them and care about them. Well, why not do that for the Thanksgiving holiday? You should not only tell them that you love them but also that you are thankful for their love, you are thankful to have them in your life and you are thankful for everything they do for you. As I stated in past posts, no one is an island. No one can exist in total isolation indefinitely so without these special people in your life, you would likely have a much harder time making it through life. So having your spouse (or significant other), your kids, your parents, your friends, etc. in your live is definitely something to be thankful for and you should certainly let them know.

2.) Write a list of everything you are thankful for

It may seem silly to some, but writing down a list of everything you are thankful for will serve as a powerful reminder of what life is about. Creating a “thankfulness list” will reinforce your willingness to acknowledge the many good things and blessing in your life, the struggles you’ve been through, accomplishments you’ve achieved in your life and the people that matter. You should never lose sight of those things and writing a list will help keep them in focus. Being grateful for what you have will open up the universe up to allow you to receive many more blessings to come into your life.

3.) Take time to learn about those less fortunate than you

No matter how bad things may be for you, it is likely there are people out there who have it much worse off than you do. You likely don’t see or interact with them much, if at all, because you see the same people at home, at work and you do basically the same routines day in and day out and you’ve gotten so used this that it creates a kind of bubble or a safe space so you don’t often see those who are less fortunate than you.

Visiting a local homeless shelter to learn about their needs and problems will definitely put new perspective on your situation. You will suddenly notice that you don’t have it as bad as you thought. If you want to take it a step further you can spend some time volunteering at a local shelter to help, after which you will be allot more thankful for what you do have in your life and your current situation.

4.) Start reciting Thankfulness affirmations

Similar to writing down a Thankfulness list, an affirmation is the verbal only version of that. I talked about affirmations before, but to reiterate, an affirmation is a positive acknowledgement of something to be true, a declaration that it is so.

Starting this Thanksgiving holiday why not begin doing daily, thankfulness affirmations, at least once a day whereby you acknowledge and give thanks for everything you are thankful for. Declare you are thankful for all the blessings in your life such as your health, loved ones, a roof over your head and your employment and financial blessings going on in your life.

Some examples of gratitude affirmations you can use:

1) I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and I appreciate everything they have done to help me grow and achieve
2) I am thankful for my job, my source of income and all the abundance in my life.
3) I am thankful for my health, strength and vitality.

5.) Play it forward by sharing knowledge

Another way to be thankful for what you have is by playing it forward, and you can do that by sharing what you’ve learned along the way to the success and blessings you have now. It is likely that at least a few people shared knowledge and experience with you that you desperately needed to help you out. Why not play it forward by helping others?

You might consider mentoring someone in need who is where you were. Or you can start a blog or some sort of online training to teach others what you know (not to mention you might make some money doing it). There are many people out there that can benefit from what you know. Helping others is one way you can express your gratitude for what life has given you, and you can take some satisfaction in knowing you helped some else to succeed due to your know knowledge.

6.) Remember the ultimate thing to be thankful for (health)

As I have said in my earlier blog post, 22 New Year Resolution Ideas and My Thoughts, nothing is more important than your health. Without your health then you are no good to yourself, you no good to others and you are no good help others. That means the ultimate and greatest thing to be thankful for is your health. In my opinion, if you should be thankful anything, be thankful for your health.

If your health is in not so good shape, well at least be thankful for the fact that you are still alive. As long as you are alive there is still hope. Don’t despair because being thankful for what little you do have, be it with your health or other things, the universe may grant you more things to be thankful for.

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