21 Things To NOT do to be Successful

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Sometimes in life if you don’t know what to do then the next best thing is knowing what NOT to do. Knowing what not to do will help you avoid the pitfalls and traps that will hinder your growth and success in life. Below is a list of 21 different things not to do if you want to be successful.

1). Don’t fear alone time

Spending time with friends and loved ones can be great for mental and emotional health. I even talk about it in other blog posts but on the other hand if you want to get it done and be successful you sometimes have to go it alone. Don’t let occasional isolation scare you. In fact it forces you to rely upon yourself which is usually a good thing.

2.) Don’t dwell on the past

To some extent or another, everyone has some past trauma, mistakes and skeletons in their past that they rather not talk about but think about. Where it becomes a problem is when you obsess and dwell on it near constantly. Dwelling on the past will blind you from the future, and you need to stay razor focused on the future to succeed.

3.) Don’t obsess over what others think of you

Obsessing over what others think of you is a success limiting mentality. More than a few rich and famous people give zero cares what others think of them. Most of the people who you may be worrying the most about what they think of you are haters anyway, and the way to deal with haters is to ignore them and prove them wrong. You prove them wrong by by doing what they say you can’t and achieving your goals. And one final thought about worrying about what others think of you; in reality, you really, really DON’T KNOW what people really are thinking, so think about that.

4.) Don’t feel the world owes you

The world owes you, me and everyone else absolutely nothing! You’re not entitled to anything, really. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. To some degree or another, everyone is the world is out for themselves, not you! Believing the world owes you will put you into a stagnation and laziness because you’ll get used wait for things to be handed to you that never do. You owe it to yourself to hustle and to go out and get for yourself, by yourself, whatever the world will let you have.

5.) Don’t blame others for your mistakes

You will never get anywhere in life by always blaming your mistakes and shortcomings on others. Blaming others for your mistakes and failures is doing a disservice to you and you will be shortchanging your future. You are not being honest with yourself when you blame others, so what you are doing is putting blinders on that are keeping you from seeing what you need to do to improve and grow.

6.) Don’t be easily offended

The world at times is not a nice place and in order to survive, and also thrive, and achieve great success in life, you have to be mentally tough. If everything little thing offends you then you are not mentally and emotionally tough enough. You will find most of the insults don’t amount to really anything when it comes down to it, and most of them are coming from your biggest haters and haters are to ignored and avoided.

7.) Don’t expect immediate results

Rome wasn’t built in one day as the saying goes and the same is true of your success. Success is mostly hard work and persistence with a tiny bit of luck added in. Think of all your hard work and efforts as farmer planting a crop in the field. The farmer doesn’t expect his crop to grow and bare a harvest overnight, nor should you expect immediate results on your way to success. Be patient, believe in yourself and continue to work for it every day. You’ll get there.

8.) Don’t worry about pleasing everyone

The absolute 100% guaranteed way to failure in life is trying to please everyone. That’s a saying I’ve heard said numerous times and it is absolutely true. You could very well, quite possibly please everyone, but you will do so at the expense of pleasing yourself and reaching your ultimate success in the long run. Your road to success is going to be littered with at least a few people who you will let down, pissed off and made enemies out of. It’s not a pleasant thought but it’s true. Stay true to yourself by not pleasing everyone else.

9.) Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself

An animal in the wild, if injured and possibly facing death, will not feel sorry for itself. It will do everything it can to keep going and survive. You need to have that kind of determination and cast aside the pity party for yourself. You may have been beaten down pretty hard by life, you may be struggling very, very hard every day, but crying about it, feeling sorry about how life is not fair and what-not is going to really help you. Feeling sorry for yourself creates strong emotional feelings; creates remorse and sorrow, and they will only distract you from what you need to do to succeed.

10.) Don’t waste energy on things you can’t control

If you don’t have any control over it, if there’s nothing you can do about it, then why worry too much about it? You can’t control when the sun comes up any more than you can control when and how hard it will rain, now can you? You can’t. So, why worry about it? Also, despite your best efforts, you really, really can’t control what people think about you. In the end, people are going to think what they are going to think about you no matter what you do. Worrying about something you have no control over is just another one of those things that will distract you and hold you back from achieving your dreams. Instead focus your time on what you can control and go from there.

11.) Don’t let others influence your emotions

Speaking of control, you need to be careful and be aware of your emotions. Don’t let your emotions control you, because if you can’t, some people will use one form or another of your emotions to control you. Famous Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather is quoted as saying “If you fight angry, you make a lot of mistakes, and when you fight a sharp, witty fighter like me, you can’t make mistakes.” So what he is saying is that when you become angry, or emotional, you are likely to make mistakes and when someone knows that about you, they will use that to manipulate you. Don’t let them.

12.) Don’t be jealous of other people’s success

Jealousy is stupid and a childlike mentality to what someone else has. On your journey to success you will likely see many others who are wildly successful in one field or another to some degree or another. Instead of being a hater and jealous of their success, you should happy for what they’ve achieved. Someone else’s success is something to be looked up to and celebrated as a testament to their hard work, persistence and smarts, not something you hold hostility towards and secretly wish it was you, and not them. Look to their success as an example of what to do and not to do to make your dreams and goals become a reality.

13.) Don’t shy away from responsibilities

Responsibilities are a part of life as an adult. You shouldn’t be afraid to commit to them and if you want to be successful you have to get good at executing them. When you fail to take care of that thing at work or in your personal life or whatever that you were supposed to do, you create stress for yourself because not taking care of those things usually comes back to haunt you. Also, taking care of business and handling your responsibilities will get you some respect from others because you will be viewed as someone who is trustworthy and reliable. So, the bottom line is, handle your business!

14.) Don’t give up after the first failure

“Fall seven times, stand up eight,” is a Japanese proverb and you’d do well live by the adage. A winner is a loser who tried one more time and many a successful, financially wealthy people adopted that persistent mentality. They committed to doing whatever it took to reach their dreams and goals. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

15.) Don’t waste your time with the haters

On your way to the top you’re going to accumulate your fair share of haters and naysayers. They might be certain family members, friends or co-workers who you’ll find out are your biggest critics and biggest source of discouragement. They will say to you that that idea of yours is stupid or it won’t work or they will tell you should try this other thing instead that they think will work or they may flat-out make fun of you, but pay them no mind. It doesn’t matter what the haters say because you’re not going to waste your time on them because you’re going to either stay away from them if you can or at least don’t pay attention to their non-sense.

16.) Don’t fear taking calculated risks

Remember that with no guts there is no glory. Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon is quoted as saying; “I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” That means he took a calculated risk when he started Amazon and now he’s one of the richest men in the world. Many of the most successful and wealthy people in the world took a gamble on a calculated risk and it paid off for them. You don’t want to look back 20 years from now, when it may be too late and wonder if that idea of yours would have worked. Better to have no regrets than be curious.

17.) Don’t engage in negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is an often overlooked factor in tanking someone’s dreams and goals. You must watch what you think and say to yourself because YOU are listening! It’s bad enough you’re going to have haters speaking negative talk to you so the last thing you need is for YOU to talk negatively to yourself. This is where positive, daily affirmations, morning, noon and night come into play that I talked about in other blog posts. Positive affirmations will help counter the negative self-talk that is holding you back so make sure to practice them every day.

18.) Don’t be ignorant and too lazy to learn

Successful people are always learning. Billionaire Warren Buffett reads a newspaper everyday. Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk is said to be a voracious reader and it is a good idea for you to adopt the habit of continuous learning as well. This is the information age after all so there’s no excuse not to order a book off of Amazon or browse the internet for information and videos about a subject you’re interested in. If there is a hobby you want to learn more about or a business idea you are researching or trying to learn new skills for, you can find it on the web. Don’t let laziness (or thinking you know everything already) get the best of you when it comes to learning.

19.) Don’t depend on others more than you depend on yourself

It’s usually a good idea to reach out to others for help. No man or woman is an island and cannot exist in isolation indefinitely. At some point on your road to success in life you are going to have to ask for help, BUT don’t make the mistake of depending on others for help. In order to get a job done right you have to do it yourself. Other people aren’t going to have the dream or vision that was given to you. They don’t see what you see and because of that, many don’t care about your goals as much as you do. This is why you must depend on yourself for key aspects of gaining your success.

20.) Don’t tell everyone your dreams and goals

Earlier in this blog I talked about staying away from the haters, which is always good advice but I’d also add to that the haters can’t hate on what they don’t know about. Keep your dreams and goals secret because others will talk trash, discourage you and generally put negative and hateful energy on you that may jinx you from succeeding. Don’t reveal your dreams and goals to just about everyone – maybe even everyone. Besides, you don’t want to be seen as one of these people that’s all talk, always running their mouth about some big plans they want to do and then it never happens. You will make yourself look foolish.

21.) Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today

Do it today for tomorrow may become never. A mistake I often see people make is that they want to “think about it.” Don’t get me wrong, thinking is a great habit you want to utilize, and it can avoid many headaches and embarrassments, but just don’t make the mistake of thinking about it for too long. And remember, you will likely never know all the facts and all the Pros and Cons on many endeavors, OK. At some point you just have to take the leap of faith. So, DO IT NOW!

Any other DON’T you would add to this list? Let know in the comments and please like and share this blog post.


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